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Swami Harishchandra Prasad is an eminent vedic astrologer and is a well known figure as an astrologer in India and has more than 20 years of work experience in this field. He has extended his expertise to various publications such as Nav Bharat Times, Rashtriya Sahara etc. and is famous for the many accurate astrological predictions he has made over the years. As a leading online free Indian astrologer he has written many books related to the different fields of Vedic astrology. He is highly respected for his work in the casting of Horoscopes, interpretation of Birth Charts, Match Making, Dasha, and Rahu Ketu interpretations. Over the years he has provided business and financial advice, given remedies and also recommends mantras and homams that have proved to be beneficial to countless people. As a leading astrologer in India, he has provided consultation to business houses and individuals in India and abroad. Years of experience and study as a free Indian astrologer, have made him an expert in technical matters relating to rahu ketu astrology, and he is perfect man to ask for advice. He is well versed in all aspects of the rahu ketu, its effects, the transit points, the effects of the transit on a particular planet etc.

Through his work as a free Indian astrologer, he provides guidance and expertise to people and is happy to answer all queries relating to personal illness and diseases, questions about a person’s wealth and prospects for fortune in this life. As an expert vedic astrologer he can also help in matters relating to education, exams, academic admissions, health, marriage, relationships, personality disorders, travel, and political prospects. As an expert Vedic astrologer, he has the experience and knowledge to answer any queries relating to the effects of the Rahu ketu and its transits. Swami Harishchandra Prasad has a long list of clients who have greatly benefited from his expert advice and remedies as an astrologer in India. He has contributed many articles and has provided expert consultation to various web portals related to astrology both in India and America. In the past, he has also educated people through the medium of television and has answered many queries regarding the significance and effects of Rahu Ketu in Indian astrology. His work as a free Indian astrologer, has helped him reach the maximum amount of people and he has been able to share his expertise for the benefit of others. As a vedic astrologer, he feels a great pride in his Indian roots and is happy to share the wisdom in the Indian way of Life.


As you sow, so shall you reap! A Rahu-Ketu transit brings home the consequences of your past actions even those in your previous lives. Rahu and Ketu are imaginary planets, and in reality they are just the two nodes of the moon. But according to the Vedas, they are deemed to be responsible for eclipses. Also, their effect on our lives is so strong that they are considered as planets in Vedic astrology. Find out how the Rahu-Ketu transit affects your life.