I must admit that the predictions in your free rahu ketu transit report are amazingly precise. I have consulted you on numerous occasions regarding my career. Your analysis of my horoscope to determine the timing of certain events has always been correct. You had accurately predicted the months during which I could expect positive effects in my career and the months in which progress would be difficult. These days, I always seek your advice before I enter into any type of business transaction I choose the best timings to conduct transactions based on the report you have given to me.
Hari Prasad.

I have been consulting you for the past 8 months regarding the affairs of my profession and career and have not been disappointed by you so far. Your predictions have proven to be extremely accurate and you have always provided me the most auspicious timeframes for future events. Thanks to you I have a better understanding of the effects of planets on my horoscope.

After reviewing my horoscope, you told me that about my past efforts in finding a suitable bride were doomed to failure due to the effects of rahu ketu on my rashi. But your remedies for rahu ketu have proven to be absolutely fantastic. You made several predictions about my marriage prospects and I have to say that what you have said has proven to be completely true. I was able to find a suitable match last month, and am eagerly looking forward to the future.

I had been struggling with problems in my life for the past 2 years, and both my business and my marriage was also going through a difficult period. It was when I got your rahu ketu report that you explained to me the significance of rahu in 6th house and ketu in 12th house and you suggested certain changes that I needed to make to achieve success in my life. I followed all your instructions and am gratified to report that my business is now flourishing. Things with my wife have also been resolved, and as suggested we are planning to have our first child early next year.

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Just saying ‘Thank you’ could never be enough to express the gratitude I feel for you. The entire journey I have experienced with you has been simply exceptional. Your free rahu ketu transit report, is truly exceptional and is a very clearly designed report with the clearest explanation and charts, and its simple and effective remedies it contains. You have a special gift in providing the exact solution to a particular problem. Thank you so much.

This is just to let you know that your free transit reports have really helped me understand so much about the effect of rahu ketu on my particular kundli.  Your remedy for rahu and ketu has been particularly helpful to me and I have found a lot of mental clarity and my decision making skills have improved significantly since I started to implement the remedies you have suggested. I am ever so appreciative of your commitment and personalized attention.
Gayatri I.

I have long believed in the principles of astrology and have tried to follow all the best practices possible. But, for some reason I started going through bad times and as a result was experiencing a lot of confusion in my life……I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong. It was only after I contacted you that I became fully aware of the effects of rahu-ketu, and was able to understand the effects of planets during this period. After I started following your suggestions, there was no turning back – my business grew by 300% during that period and was able to afford any type of luxuries for my family.

I was very much worried about state of my personal life when my girlfriend’s parents rejected my marriage proposal. This created a lot of tension and pressures that were starting to affect me in my job and were also having a negative effect on my health. You were able to identify my problem so quickly and I must thank you for your free rahu ketu transit report. Thanks to you I was able to know the ideal time to make a marriage proposal. This time, my girlfriend’s parents have accepted my proposal and we will be getting married soon. Thanks to your advice, I have now got peace of mind and good health…..and the perfect woman.
I just had to say that I have your free rahu-ketu transit report to be very accurate and must commend you on doing such a fantastic job.  Most of the predictions that you have made about my life have occurred in the manner you have described and in the timeframe that you have predicted.
The best part of the free rahu ketu report is that it gives you the knowledge of the negative things that could occur during a particular time period and the solutions to overcome these problems. This is a hghly recommended report for you to see.

Thanks for your wonderfully detailed report and for your explanation regarding the effects of rahu and ketu on a person’s life. Your predictions are also highly accurate and have given me great confidence in tackling the future. It is better to be aware of negative influences in advance, so you have the ability and knowledge to change things for the better.
R. Yadav

I thank you for the kindness you have shown in sending me the free rahu ketu transit report. Your knowledge is great and you have made the most accurate predictions I have ever come across in my life. Thanks to your blessings, I have been experiencing very good results in my life. During this time I have been careful to follow all your advice, and have made good profits financially. I will shortly be opening a new branch of our business.

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